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I just wanted to remind those of you who have never been to the Live and
Learn Conferences (and those of you who may have forgoten!) to bring a sweater.
Hotels can be quite chilly, and the conference room's temperature is hard to

Ben and Bruce are planning a bike ride (or two) while in Peabody. They're
renting bikes from a local shop rather than hauling theirs up. If you're
interested in joining them, please e-mail Ben @ _kbcdlovejo@..._
(mailto:kbcdlovejo@...) . The more, the merrier! They're planning to ride 15-20
miles, no one left behind (they will stop as needed). Bring helmet and water.

Dads who are planning to attend the SSUDs (Secret Society of Unschooling
Dads) who may have some particular issue they want addressed should e-mail Ben @
_kbcdlovejo@..._ (mailto:kbcdlovejo@...) .
It's an informal discussion group where the dads can get together for a
while and talk without interruptions.


Can I say it again? <g>


We have lots of fun, exciting raffle items come in already----but DON'T be
left out! We want your cool rafflettes! Almost anything will do!

So far, we have t-shirts, books, a fairy crown, a ham radio (Look, James!),
socks, a quilt, jewelry, original artwork---so many cool things! But we need

No need to send it to me or Kathryn if you're coming to the conference, but
if you're not coming and just want to contribute, send it on!

Kelly Lovejoy
118 Steeplechase South
Columbia, SC 29209-4810

Kathryn Baptista
26 Phillips Street
Salem, MA 01970

Thanks----and I'll see you there!

~Kelly, raffle queen

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