Elizabeth Roberts

I thought I'd share what's been going on here today.
Sarah, age 8, has spent the day playing with
Tetris-like puzzles on her Jumpstart games and working
to solve a mystery game on another CD she has. She's
requested that I call her "Secret Agent Sarah" when
she's on the computer.

Logan has been spending as much time as he can on the
computer too. I think we're going to end up having to
build 3 more computers so that everyone has their own!
But he's also begun spending quite a bit of time
building towns to drive his Hot Wheels cars through,
which is nice.

Megan just plays a little of this and a little of
that, but here lately I've often found her sitting
quietly looking at books.

Gracie has figured out that she can make the recorder
toot, so she's often just walking through the house
tooting and laughing, or playing in the playroom.


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