Heather Hall

> My kids aren't vaccinated and the younger 3 have never had chicken pox. In
> the next 6 months they will all be 10, 9 and 4. I seem to have an immunity
> although I was never tested. If I do have that immunity, my kids may have it
> also. My oldest has had them before the others were born. Someone I know of
> has
> a child with them now and I'm wondering about exposing them like I've heard
> people do while the kids are young.<<<
A bunch of my friends and I did a pox party and it was a good thing in my
opinion. Most of the kids got moderate cases of them so we felt good about
immunity without it being dangerously miserable like it can be once you hit
puberty. My then 2 yo got a very tolerable case. My son was 3 months old
and he only got a few, although another friend's baby a week older got a
very full case of them. Everyone is different but it seems the general
consensus is that they are milder and safer if the kids are younger, and
that the vax isn't very effective even if it were something you were
interested in in the first place.
Heather, mom to
Harriet 12.15.99
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