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Yes, They actually use the word "whip" and "whipping" as you can see in the
examples below that are straight out of the book.


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One quick question: Do the Pearls use the word "whipping" in their book? I've
heard of the
"spanking through" technique of spanking until the child is "broken." But I
hadn't known
that they actually used the term "whipping.


Julie B

> Examples:
> 1) The Pearls recommend whipping infants only a few months old on their
> skin. They whip their own 4 month old (p.9). They recommend whipping the
> skin of "every child" (p.2) for "Christians and non-Christians" (p.5) and
> "every transgression" (p.1). Parents who don't whip their babies into
> submission are portrayed as indifferemt, lazy, careless and neglectful
> and are "creating a Nazi" (p.45).
> 2) On p.60 they recommend whipping babies who cannot sleep and are crying,
> and to never allow them "to get up." On p.61 they recommend whipping a 12
> old girl for crying. On p.79 they recommend whipping a 7 month old for
> screaming.
> 3) On p.65 co-author Debi Pearl whips the bare leg of a 15 month old she
> babysitting, 10 separate times, for not playing with something she tells
> to play with. On p.56 Debi Pearl hits a 2 your old so hard "a karate chop
> wheeze came from somewhere deep inside" him.
> 4) On p.59 they recommend whipping a 3 year old until he is "totally
> broken."
> 5) On p.44 they say not to let the child's crying while being hit to "cause
> you to lighten up on the intensity or duration of the spanking."
> 6) On p.55 the Pearls say a mother should hit her child if he cries for her.
> 7) On p.80 they recommend giving a child having a tantrum "a swift
> *forceful* spanking." On the same page they say to whip small children on
their bare
> skin until they stop screaming. "Don't be bullied. Give him more of the
> They say to continue whipping until their crying turns into a "wounded,
> submissive whimper."
> 8) On p.46 the Pearls say that if a child does obey before being whipped,
> whip them anyway. And "if you have to sit on him to spank him,then do not
> hesitate. And hold him there until he is surrendered. Prove that you are
> tougher." "Defeat him totally."
> 9) On p.47 they recommend their various whips, including "a belt or larger
> tree branch" to hit children.
> 10) The Pearls also recommend ignoring an infant's bumped head when he
> to the floor, and ignoring skinned knees (p.86). They also say "if your
> is roughed-up by peers, rejoice." (p.81)
> 11) They recommend pulling a nursing infant's hair (p.7), tripping a
> non-swimming toddler so she falls into deep water (p.67) and to make
children go
> hungry if they don't "like what is on the table" (p.103). Also on p.103
they say
> that if children lose their shoes, "let them go without until they (the
> children) can make the money to buy more."

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>>>>Well... much as I hate this book and everything this author stands for,
pretty grateful that the laws of our country won't allow the state of
or any other government to "have it removed from the hands of our society".
Free speech is only really free if it applies to everyone, especially to
we hate.<<<<
I thought long and hard about writing it for this reason, but felt that the
children on the other end of this abuse don't have a voice to defend their own

>>>>On the other hand, exposing hateful speech to the light of day as much as
possible is a good thing, or at least we can hope so, and hope that if any
organization does decide to pick up on the story they leave homeschooling out
of it. <<<<<<
I actually amended the letter after sending it to this group, and after
reading it a few more times. I added the following statement to the end:

"Among these stories are parents who were arrested and had their children
removed from custody after following the advice from this book, but meanwhile
this same book is still being sold around the world, allowing advice on how to
torture innocent children and babies.
I have sent copies of this same letter to many news organizations including
20/20 and Primetime Live, and can only hope to shed as much light as possible
on this book and it's authors.
I would also like to emphasize the fact that this is not a homeschooling
issue, and would hope that the spotlight would be focused on the abuse of
children, and not homeschooling. The majority of homeschooling parents is responsible
and loving, are outraged by this book and it's teachings, and would like
nothing more than to see it taken out of publication and recalled from any
retailer selling it."

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