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Hotel Rooms at the Peabody Marriott, the Live and Learn Unschooling
Conference site, are almost sold out! We’re still hoping to get some more rooms there,
but we’ve blocked rooms at another hotel nearby. It’s only a 4 minute drive
from the Marriott, and we were able to get the same $89 per night rate. (I
think a couple of people already booked rooms there for more. If so, call and
ask them to change your reservations to the cheaper conference rate.)

The hotel’s site:

Call 1 (888) 287-9400 or (978) 535-5000 and ask for the Live and Learn
conference rate.

Come to the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference August 27-29 in Peabody, MA!
For more information, go to www.LiveandLearnConference.org

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