Heather Hall

Harriet went potty all by herself for 3 weeks at 18 months old. She would
wake up in the morning totally dry and look at me and say 'poo-poo?' And I
would get her to the potty and take her diaper off for her, and the same for
the rest of the day. Then I got sick for awhile and it went out the window.
By the time she was 2 she *refused* to let me change her diaper or go potty.
The whole thing was a nightmare complete with huge ulcers all over her butt.
I finally had to hire someone to chase her down and get her wet pants off (
I was still sick). If we had less carpet I would have just let her go naked
and let my husband mop the floor when he got home.

With Crispin, I just begged my husband to just not even go there - no
pressure, no games, nothing. If he asks to sit on the toilet, fabulous! if
not, who cares. We have 'big boy' pants in his drawer if he wants them.
Once in a great while he does, but I even hate calling them 'big boy' pants.
They are the thick crotch cotton pants, which I have decided are useless.
Harriet always just peed in them. I ended up just buying her underwear
finally and put away all the diapers etc. and just brought lots of changes
of clothes with us where ever we went once I was *sure* she had the physical
ability to get to the toilet. I figured if we were going to be battling no
matter what, might as well make it about the toilet rather than getting a
diaper on or off her. I didn't 'punish' her or anything for accidents, but
I did groan a lot.

My plan was to let Crispin go naked butt this summer in the yard, but he
doesn't like to be naked. How did this happen? I am *such* a naked person,
and our house is pretty nudity friendly, Harriet likes to be naked too. I
guess he just needs to be himself, or different. So I guess as long as the
diapers fit, he can wear them if he wants. ( we do cloth, Bumkins AIOs) I
figure when he is a little more verbal we can start looking at underpants
when we are at the store and see if he is interested in them.
Heather, mom to
Harriet 12.15.99
Crispin 01.25.02

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> and just brought lots of changes
> of clothes with us where ever we went once I was *sure* she had the physical
> ability to get to the toilet.

LOL Yeah, I remember stopping a numerous gas stations and convenience stores
for a few weeks when Wyl was getting used to the "full bladder feeling"
concept! Luckily, we always happened to have one nearby! Except for last week when
Dave was working on a drain clog in the bathroom and had the toilet removed
(Wyl's been trained for a couple years, now, but Dave was working on it for
hours!)-luckily he's a boy and could use the garden fence!! :~D


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