Sally Brooks

Julie, I know what you mean. My 14yo dd understands unschooling and
the idea that whatever she's interested in, we pursue, blah, blah and
she is a different person than her 11yo sister in that she is a great
communicator/verbal person. When someone says something like math is
hard, she would have a great response. Or what about college, she
will say we've checked into it and colleges still like me even though
I'm hs'd. The 11yo we pulled out because of the insecurity/phobia
the school/her peers were ingraining in her. It was about reading
then. Math has always been her strong suit in an abstract way, like
her daddy. The only thing I can do is continue to reinforce our new
way of life and, with the help of family members, hope things turn
out the way we predict they will.

I, too, would certainly be happy to hear of stories from people who
have 'been there, done that' and how it went.