Monica Manzano

Outside of "public school":

weaving on dads invented looms,
piano, self taught
installed insulation
Spanish (learned in my community)
let me think what else

I grew up in Uvalde Texas. Mostly agricultural, two radio programs, the crop report, and La Rancherita del aire.

I grew up without Rock n roll, so my hubby makes fun of me, I don't know jack what happened in pop culture from '60s and 70's. sorry, grew up in a time vacuum, dad did not allow tv from 1980 - 1983., teen years no tv

did not get color tv until 1983.
so all tv was film noir to me, until '83
I didn't even know Star Trek, my favorite childhood tv show was in color until 76 when I went to aunties house., amazing huh.

lets do the time warp again, take a step to the do...monica m

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