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I'm sure parenting has something to do with encouraging or
discouraging natural fearlessness, but I also think that a whole lot
of it is just inherent personality. My two kids are like night and
day in this regard. One total risk-taker, one very cautious kid. Both
have had respectful parenting and unschooling from the start.<<<<<<

Yeah, the old nature/nurture thang. And I should have prefaced it with that!

I think I'm naturally a risk-taker, but had it ingrained in me that I
*could* do and be...whatever. So it was easy and comfortable to try new things.

Ben's probably not a natural risk-taker, and his family (all
better-safe-than-sorries) did not help him venture out very far.

Both nature AND nurture hard at work for both of us! I might have been less
of a risk-taker if I'd been in Ben's family, and Ben might have been more of


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