Christine ONeal

This was sent to me individually (accidentally I think) so I'm forwarding it on the group.

Christy O

Martha Sears (Dr. Sears' wife) wrote an empathetic and informative booklet: Twenty-five Things Every New Mother Needs to Know (or something along that line). It tells the mother how she has these instincual feelings as a new mother that our society instructs her to ignore such as hold your baby, respond to crys, feed on demand, etc. It is written in 25 short 2-3 page "hints" on how to make motherhood easier. She has had 7,8 or so kids herself which she and Dr. Sears attachment parented while young. Costs maybe $10. You can order it through La Leche on line, I think. It is very approachable, even for mainstreamers.
--- Pat Robinson
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