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This is just a reminder that today, June 1, is the Early Bird deadline for
conference registrations. Prices go up tomorrow. The conference will be held
August 27-29 in Peabody, Massachusetts. Presenters will include keynote Anne
Ohman, author Barbara Sher (Wishcraft and other books), Home Education magazine
columnist Sandra Dodd, author Valerie Fitzenreiter (The Unprocessed Child), and

You can still register online or by mail. To use credit card, you must
register online and use Paypal. Or you can send a check today.

For more details, please go visit the site, and if you have questions, feel
free to get in touch with me. Please forward this to anyone you think might be

Kathryn Baptista, Conference coordinator

Come to the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference August 27-29 in Peabody, MA!
For more information, go to www.LiveandLearnConference.org

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