Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry

Hi Alll,

Just wanted to let you know about the Firemaker Primitive Skills Gathering
near Sooke, BC Canada this year, July 12-18. There are reduced rates for registering
before June 15th and cost includes camping and meals. I've been going to
Primitive Skills Gatherings since my children were infants and every single
one has been wonderful--an incredible learning experience, community sharing
and safe, fun family event! This year Jean-Claude and I will be facilitating
several workshops again, including Nonviolent Communication, natural and compassionate parenting,
and "growing without schooling", no-till natural farming and paleolithic eating.

You can get details and see the whole program (there are usually last minute
additions and extras as well) here:
I pasted an excerpt below. Every year there are a few homeschoolers at these
events--I'd love to meet more of you there!

Saltspring Island

"Every summer, the Firemaker Primitive Skills Society hosts Firemaker, a
gathering for those interested in natural and primitive skills as well as
the underlying philosophy of those skills and ways of life. At our
gatherings, we invite instructors to share their skills and love for
low-tech or no-tech ways of living and enjoying the outdoors. Click here for
this year's program and registration info.

Firemaker gatherings are about more than just primitive skills; they're also
about friendship, fun, and community. Every evening there is singing,
drumming, and story telling around the campfire. Group camping, shared meals
and time to chat with instructors or to share the day's experiences with new
or old friends add to the feeling of community, There's also plenty of room
for solitude.

Firemaker is an excellent opportunity to:

-Learn to be more aware of the Natural world
-Make useful and beautiful objects with our hands.
-Know what, when, and how to gather and use what we gather
-Develop competence for survival and wilderness living.
-Connect with each other and our children in a beautiful natural setting.
-Make music and have fun together.
-Understand the unity of physical and spiritual."

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