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I received the email about the draft a month or so ago and became very
alarmed. I researched it and asked around and there was so much speculation
disinformation surrounding these bills. Many people thought they had died and
weren't even being considered, so they weren't worried...except in New York
some friends of my parents mentioned it was still a very hot issue in the

According to my Congressman's office and Congress' Thomas search Engine it
has not died; though, for such a disturbing bill it is not receiving much
outside of NY to my knowledge, and that makes me suspicious that the intent
to sneek it through. When I researched comments made re: these bills at the
Thomas website the thinking behind them is that if everyone is made eligible
for the draft and no one can get out of it or leave the country then Congress
won't be so quick to go to war because kids they care about will be drafted,
too. Rationale that makes no sense to me whatsoever.

This is a very real bill and I created an email w/a sample letter and links
to congresspeople and lists of committee members whose committees these bills
are currently sitting in. If anyone is interested please email me and I'm
happy to send it to you. [Rosybluestar@...] My feeling is that this bill
is way too dangerous for speculation as to whether it will be passed into
law. I've never felt
stronger in my life about taking action on anything...these are our babies
grandchildren whose lives are being threatened.

Shane is half Canadian and I have his dual citizenship paperwork here. After
he was born and I registered him with the Social security office I
regretted it because of a potential draft (and other reasons, too). Anyway in
Canada, if you have dual citizenship and you are called to serve in the
military in a country where you are also a citizen that country's citizenship
priority over your Canadian citizenship. I have to double check but I think
merely renouncing your citizenship of the other country won't cut it.
Thankfully sneaking across the border is always an option!

Shane asked me to help him find countries w/out the draft that will welcome
our dogs and kitties, so we can move before he turns 18, if the law is
I hadn't mentioned it to him (he's 5 1/2) until I realised this is so very
real and researched it and took action. He feels much better now that he has
taken action, too....knowing he has options and that he won't be 18 for a
time, but we do know so many people who will be affected by this if it gets


<<<WRT the draft, check out this link (urban legends page):

http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/draft.asp >>>>