Mark and Julie

Yesterday morning Jess asked me why tiny babies couldn't drink cows milk. Naturally this led to a conversation about mammals and whales were brought up (as they do <g>). Jess wondered where on the whale's body, the baby drank from. Jacob (7) said he would go and get their animal book and see if the information was in there.
Jess and I continued talking and a few minutes later I looked down to see my just-learning-to-read son spread out on the floor searching through the index to find whales. He found it, turned to the appropriate page and we read the section together. I was so impressed that he knew how to use the index. I haven't shown him. I guess he has watched me do it often enough.
He spent the next hour sitting in front of the TV with his eyes glued to the book, reading out bits and pieces from the book from time to time.

It was a very cool moment for me.


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