Chris and Jen SEALS

I had a terrible dream when I was pregnant with my secon daughter that I
woke up and found her head floating in my fish tank. Hillary was stillborn
a few weeks later. It's been 11 years and I haven't been able to stand the
sight of fish since. My kids have been begging me for fish for years and I
finally gave in. We somehow acquired another cat, two guinea pigs, 3
goldfish and two snails in a matter of 3 days time. (My willpower is
failing, huh? lol)

Just my luck, one of the dang fish croaked today. I can't win!

I had other rather fascinating dreams during my pregnancies. Not many of
which were bad. I did dream once that I was in Vegas and gambling while in
labor and seven babies popped out of the machine when I hit the triple 7
jackpot. I was pregnant at the time and we were actually in Vegas on our
honeymoon. Fortunately, several months later I had only one little girl. :)

Never did hit that jackpot. :(


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