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<< It could also set the stage for a talk, if she asks, and or if you

choose to bring up the subject by asking her if she has any

questions about what she is seeing, surrounding the subject of sex. >>

When sexuality isn't hidden or shushed up, you never have to set a stage for
a talk. It's just something they've always known existed, vaguely, like maybe
mountains (if you you're in flatland) or the ocean (if you live in
Albuquerque or Minneapolis). At first it's inconceivable, but you hear it's there, and
later you might want to ask questions or look at pictures, and someday there
you are, right in it.

Gradual awareness is much more in keeping with natural learning than setting
a stage and having a talk.

I know "setting the stage" is an idiomatic expression, but it's entirely too
dramatic for a discussion with one's own children who are home all the time.
The world is a stage, and you and your children are probably talking off and
on all day. You don't need scene changes and props very often. What would set
the stage for a talk about Japan? What would set the stage for suggesting
that they might want to eat more protein?

It's just life.

Or it CAN be just life if you immerse yourselves in life.

-=-Sometimes we have to be

willing to drop our fears and uncomfortablities, in order to provide

our children with the knowledge they seek.-=-

ALL the time.
Or you can just find another adult they can talk to.

If the "drop your fears" part seems best, it's good to start BEFORE the day
of "the talk." I think it's just part of deschooling (which all unschooling
parents need to do with/on themselves to overcome their own school wounds and
prejudices) to try to see the world more clearly, without so many better/worse
labels on every little thing.

I know some parents are uncomfortable with some topics, but the best way not
to pass that on to their children is to deal with their discomfort inside
themselves (and maybe outside, with a counsellor or by talking to other moms for
ideas, and sometimes lists like this can help with that).