This came from a friend of mine... I haven't been able to turn up
anything, and thought perhaps someone here might have an answer?

"A couple years ago, I stumbled across a website that showed a
three-dimensional representation of the world, universe, cosmos,
whatever as believed by the ancient Greeks. The picture showed a sphere
in which the earth, a general disc shape, stood with Olympus sticking up
from the top of the disc, the underworld growing out underneath, the
ocean surrounding the disc ('cause they thought it was a river that just
went in a circle), etc.

"I have looked EVERYWHERE that I can think of, trying every combination
of words like "Ancient Greek world" etc., and I can't find the picture.
Want a challenge? GO FORTH! SEEK!"

Anyone? It's rare that I'm stumped to find something on the 'net, but
this one has my brain just about fried.

Smithsburg, MD