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> I'm interested in this from the perspectives of new unschoolers and
> veterans. How do you respond or not respond to boredom in your home?
> Tina

The following is a list of things we do when we get bored. It is not
exhaustive nor is it full proof. However, so many of these work that I
thought I'd throw them out here. (We began years ago by making a list
that we posted to the refrigerator that could be referenced when
someone got bored. Just having this list posted saved a lot of
cloudy-eyed wandering through the house...) This list applies to all
the ages of our kids ranging between 7-17. We have five children.

1. Find a sibling and play a board game (list of games we own)
2. Jump on the trampoline
3. Kick the soccer ball
4. Make a tent out of sheets in the living room and eat snacks under it
5. Call a friend on the phone to chat or to come play
6. Dress up and pretend
7. Play drama games (we have a book of these and we are theater hounds)
8. Make tea and muffins, invite others to join you. Set table and light
9. Cut flowers, make a bouquet
10. Bake clay creations using sculpey clay (I try to buy a fresh set of
colors every few months)
11. Use mom's binoculars to watch birds.
12. Cut paper and glue it.
13. Use the Prismacolors to draw (refer to "how to draw" books on book
14. Draw with sidewalk chalk
15. Play in the creek
16. Play the piano or saxophone or guitar
17. Go online and play a game on the Internet, or X Box Live
18. Pop popcorn; watch a movie
19. Start a fire (winter, in the fireplace. Summer; in the outdoor
fireplace) roast hotdogs or marshmellows.
20. Make popsicles.
21. Read a book
22. Memorize a poem
23. Write a poem
24. Choreograph a dance in the living room
25. Write on your bedroom walls things you want to remember - song
lyrics, friend's names, funny jokes
26. Keep a scrapbook
27. Take some pictures
28. Make origami
29. Make and hang Chinese lanterns from a string across the kitchen
30. Play croquet or badminton
31. Bake cookies
32. Write a letter or email
33. Have a water fight
34. Rearrange your bedroom furniture
35. Plant seeds or flowers
36. Write your own myth or legend after reading the Greek myths
37. Clean out your wardrobe to make space for new clothes
38. Sit in a tree and whistle
39. Take a walk with a bottle of water
40. Create a cozy hiding place (blankets, pillow) and bring your
headphones/CD player to it. Sit quietly reading or listening or

That should be enough to get anyone started. :)


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