Michele Sears

Hello all,
I think my waiting period is up -if this message posts than it's true!

My question is : with 3 children, I would like to enjoy their activities
with them, but they're often at different ends of the house! Below you'll
find my story regarding av stuff in our house, but I'm not able to be with
each of them as I was before we started tv/video games since they're
splitting up around the house. My ds is loving the video games, while my
daughter wants to garden with me in the sunshine. I'm feeling so torn! And
then there's the 2 year old that's either running in between or wrecking
their projects (in their minds) etc. Before tv/video games, we would often
do crafts together at the table, etc. and I would at least *feel* like I was
spending time with them. How have other parents balanced their time with
each of their children? Is it the squeaky wheel? Inviting them to be near
you? Taking turns which child you are spending time with? In increments of
time, or until games or mini-projects (is - planting her flower) is done??

I have been transformed lately by moving towards letting go of controlling
my kids lives, and letting them make their decisions. I was doing that
already in many areas of their lives, however I was very controlling when it
came to tv, video games, and videos. I have completely switched, now
letting them play/watch whenever they want. They were thrilled! I'm
definitely going through growing pains, at the same time feeling really
surprised by some of the positive fallouts that I hadn't anticipated - such
as much more open communication, more open processing of feelings with my ds
(video games are either *really* frustrating or *really* exciting - gives us
lots of opportunity). I'm still having reservations, but I'm trying to just
*be* with this process.