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This is an interesting thread.

I have never had my kids teased by other kids, just quizzed by adults!
When my kids encounter other kids who are being bratty or mean, they usually just don't get it. They stand there looking at these kids like they are from outer space! They usually just ignore it and walk away.
The quizzing doesn't seem to bother them either. They just say "I don't know". It makes me furious, but since it doesn't matter at all to them I just let it go.
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> What's 2 X 2?" and
> then if/when my girls answer, the quizzing continues, gettin
Teach them to ignore rude people.
Ignoring them will diffuse the situation.
Besides tell your children that for every question they do not know,
they are many others their "friends" will not be able to answer.

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