Hello to everyone. I haven't been around for awhile. I needed to go
away and see if I could unschool and parent peacefully and also to
try and answer the many questions that were swirling about in my head
about life, the universe and everything! Okay, so I'm still working
on the questions but I CAN unschool and since I finished reading How
To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk I'm finding
the peaceful parenting much easier. It seems a lifetime since we
began this journey and walked away from homeschooling and
controlling/spanking our kids, I can't believe it hasn't even been
two years!

Life has been pretty good lately. We are enjoying the autumn weather
after a long, hot, dry summer. (We live in Australia for those who
don't know me) We have been enjoying great conversations, rereading
the Lemony Snicket series, making chocolate cakes, growing stuff in
the garden and making messes with paint and glue. Today we did some
charcoal drawings of a zebra's head and they look awesome.

My boys watched Arthur today and it was about penpals. So of course
they both decided they wanted a penpal. We've written down some of
their interests in the hope that someone (or two someones) out there
would be interested in writing to them on a regular basis. You can
contact me offlist if you are. TIA

Jacob is eight this year and loves Harry Potter and reading the
Lemony Snicket series. He loves playing with Lego and his Bionicles.
His favourite superheroes are Spiderman, Wolverine and Hulk. His
favourite movie is Spiderman (he's looking forward to the new movie)
and his favourite Tv show at the moment is Corniel and Bernie.
He loves collecting insects and has 3 pet caterpillars. He likes
playing outside and is digging a big pit to play in and fill up with
water. He also likes drawing and cooking.

Jesse is ten in three weeks. He loves Harry Potter too and can't wait
until Pisoner of Azkaban is released. He is hoping to get some LOTR
figurines from the Battle Games in Middle-earth series for his
birthday. His dad is also collecting them and they plan to paint them
together and build a landscape to battle on. Jess likes playing
outside pretending to be characters from movies like the Lord of the
Rings and Hulk. His favourite movie is Bionicle: Mask of Light. He
loves playing with Lego and his Bionicles. His favourite TV show is
The Wild Thornberrys. He loves watching nature documentaries and
wants to be the next David Attenborough.

I'm going to attempt to start receiving mail again. I need a Time
Turner. The days are just not long enough to get everything done.