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Lexie is currently involved
in a rather formal film class, with kids from ages 9 to 18. <<<<

Cameorn is involved in a film class too. The rest of the new film makers are
all in their 20's & 30's. At 16, Cam is certainly the baby. But they treat him
as any other---and are in awe of the freshness he brings.

We filmed two scenes of his first fivr minute film today. It's about..... ta
DAH! .... Unschooling! <G> We borrowed a classroom from his (and my) old
private school. We got a bunch of his buds from a local public school's drama
department. Catering by Mom. It went very well. Cameron was calm and in charge, but
not bossy or too demanding. He got a lot from his actors.

It'll be shown June 4 & 5 at Spoleto in Charleston (that's a pretty big deal
for those of you not familiar with Spoleto). It's been a great experience so
far; his classmates are so supportive----and one is even thinking of using him
as her camera man for a film later this summer!

Best of luck to Lexie! That's exciting!


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