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What will happen if you let tenagers sleep quietly until noon?

Here's what happened here today.

I was being extra quiet. I moved a hose from the backyard faucet to avoid
running water under Marty's window. He's 15.

At 10:45 I heard Kirby (17) get in the shower. I knew he had to open the
shop at 11:30.

I was outside pulling weeds when I saw Kirby go downstairs in the house. I
wondered what he was doing because all his clothes are clean and put away in
his room, so he wasn't going to borrow socks from his dad.

He came around the side of the house with two Hansons sodas, which came from
the garage. He had them to take to work with him. I asked him if the garage
door was unplugged (which my husband sometimes does if he's working right near
the door).

Kirby said, "No, I just didn't want to open it."

"Is someone sleeping up there?" (above the garage, I meant, thinking maybe
one of his gaming buddies stayed over)

"No, but Marty's sick and Holly's still asleep."

Well cool.
He was just going along with my more-quiet-than-usual noise level.


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