diana jenner

Yardsaling last week, I picked up a Star Wars Play Station Game, knowing
full well it could mean my induction to the Mommy Hall of Fame... Hayden,
5, is giddily showing it to his friends and comments, "I'm SO glad I'm an
unschooler!" I was beaming but confused, so I asked, "What does one have to
do with the other??" "Look mom! It says *T* and I'm NOT a *T* but I can have
this game anyway! THAT'S why I'm glad to be an unschooler!!" (the same boy
who is happy to announce he's a college student when people ask about his

Hannah, 7, has earned a promotion in Tae Kwon Do. She brings me the sheet
that explains the testing, etc, and proclaims, "I get to write an essay on
Respect!!" (I love to write and I doubt I've EVER said it quite this way

~diana, Queen of Everything
Mother to the Princess of Quite-a-lot and the Prince of Whatever's Left.
Living proof that today's mighty oak is yesterday's nut who stood her
ground. ~anonymous

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