I think I should ost this since fittingly everyone has been on the
subject of sparks. I was getting a pedicure last night and a teacher
was on the side of me of course we talked LOL....................I
was explaining to my son that she was a teacher and that I told her
that we home school because I just don't tell anyone that we
unschool. So my son piped up last night andsaid "Mom you don't even
do any school with me" also I would like to add he said it with
sarcasim LOL....................... Anyway as I am writing I'm
finding my own answer. I need to tell him about unschooling. I think
I haven't is because I don't want him just telling anyone because he
is so honest and I'm still trying to explain to him that just
because someone asks doesn't mean we need to share ALL of our
information LOL......................................

Also I was the person some time ago that was going to go back to
work and have to put my son into school because I couldn't see any
other way(child care). Well I have come to realize that I have seen
and felt the effects of unschooling over time and I couldn't do it
because it goes against the very grain of my soul.

So....... back to my little wonderful boy I said "well honey you
learn things all the time but if you would like to sit at the table
like they do at school with workbooks and go over things over and
over I will if it maks you happy." his reply was a firm and assured
NO !!!!!! So as I am writing this I am realizing I need to be
upfront with my son and explain to him. It's amazing how in the
short time that he went to school he already has it ingrained into
him what learning is !

Attleboro, Mass.