Domus Ludus

I have been sort of following this discussion. I don't know what I can
exactly contribute except to put in my OWN experiences and views.

My kids have already been on the range with real guns and real bullets.
This was when we lived in Texas and we're just now getting around to
preparing them to go back again - probably the first weekend of next
month because that will be the last time I can shoot before the baby
comes. Now this is REAL guns and REAL bullets. My kids, BTW are 5 and 7
(the last time they went to the range they were 5 and 3).

They have "toy" guns which they practice with. Not only "pointing and
shooting" but safety as well. In this household there are two
ex-military men who intend (with my wholehearted approval) to teach the
children about guns, knives and martial arts. This will (in OUR opinion)
teach them how to exercise self-discipline, self-control and safety. Not
only how to safely handle a weapon, but how to be safe AROUND weapons.
This includes all of the above mentioned weapons -- guns, knives and
human beings. And it is my experienced opinion that the most dangerous
weapon on this planet is the human being. After all -- what creature
wields the inanimate gun or knife?

Specifically the children will learn what guns and knives can do to not
only people but animals. Especially guns. They already know what a
knife - specifically a scalpel - does to human beings. They caught me
viewing a page with graphics of a c-section in progress and were
fascinated. They are both section babies and their sister will be born
the same way in 3 weeks. And scalpels are neat and efficient. Not all
knives are and NO gun is. They also know a great deal about calibers and
the different degrees of damage they can cause.

Some may say we are extremist in our own viewpoints, but the lives their
parents have led makes us believe that it is crucial to their survival in
this day and age. Our philosophy has always been "If you don't like the
way I live my life feel free not to live it that way." This is simply
how WE unschool our children. IMNSHO it is no better or worse to what
the collective YOU may choose to do so - it's simply different.


Domus Ludus
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