Ren Allen

"I don't think we need to kill to feed our families."

So you're a vegan now? REally? I thought you said you weren't. So
you are killing to feed your family.

I have an aquaintance whose family hunts. They think the meat in
stores is unhealthy, full of hormones and all (I agree), and they
save a LOT of money by hunting. They spend time as a family, doing
what they's one way they save money so that the mother can
be home with the children and homeschool. They are one of the
healthiest families I know, both physically and emotionally.

My Grandparents were farmers, mostly beef. They had healthy, free
range animals and lived a hard working and enjoyable life together.
Grandpa is almost 90 and doing well for his age...still helping in
the garden, puttering with his Model "T" and caring for their large
property. He owned guns his whole life and manages to raise a son
(my Dad) that can't stand hunting, preferring to shoot animals with
a camera instead. How'd that happen?
I couldn't hunt myself. The only thing animal based that I eat is
honey and an occasional egg. But I think your arguements are hollow,
fearful and completely insane.