Kimberly Cleven

Extreme People.

I have noticed that in any group people who are exteme do more damage then good.

As I read responces to ideas on transcripts I thought it stupid to not be willing to make letter grades so that a child can enter school! I think the idea of being 100% against test is not a good idea. My child is unschooling in an eclectic way. At 4 years old she has no need to be tested, but latter in life that will change, as some jobs even demading their own testing before an interview. I want my child to have good testing skills. College will demand it just as jobs she may wish to do might. I would not harm her by not helping her devolop those needed skills.

When the time comes her and I shall put together a transcript for her, we shall grade her on topics she has covered honestly. Tests shall be nothing more then a tool she can use to gage where she is at in topics she is interested in. I do not think that is anti unschooling as I shall not be pushing her to take them. I will show her the value of them. If she desides she does not wish to take that path then I shall help her on her own way. My job is to prepair her for life as an adult, and it does not matter if we like it or not, tests are a part of it for now.

I do not care if people look down on me for not unschooling the tradition extreme way. I find extreme ideas to be harmfull. The point of unschooling is let the child learn in the best way they can and to prepair them for life by letting them live it, not be trapped by classes and walls and homework.




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