Heidi Wordhouse-Dykema

Leo honey,

Then listen.
We've been where you are and we've walked your path. We're trying to show
you how what we *thought* was essential, really turned out not to be.
Untwist the knickers and read.
Then read it again.
and Breathe.

Heidi Wordhouse-Dykema

>e growing
>sexist pattern of girl plays with pinky barbies and
>boy plays with guns.-=-
>The GROWING sexist pattern!?
>The waning sexist pattern.

Actually, he did play with Barbies.
and he likes guns too.
So, is maybe he should be bi-gendered? (grin)

>-=-Instead of buying him toy guns, why not tell him he
>doesn't have to be like the other boys, that being a
>person is about being an individual, not bellonging to
>a group.-=-
>Those are the only two choices?
>People can do both.
>Maybe he had friends who didn't play with guns and he was "the first on his
>block" to ask for one.

Actually he did happen to be the first person on the block to get a gun,
and we got one for him because he wanted one and we had just bought enough
land to fire it safely without bothering the neighbors.

...And this kid is so much NOT like a 'stereotypical' boy that I had to
laugh when you said maybe he could be an individual. For gosh sakes he's
got lovely long blond hair down to his waist and he cries at sad movies.

>-=-> He's also interested in computers, video games,
> > blacksmithing -
> > specifically forging, welding, paper art, flowers,
> > home decoration (no
> > kidding) and his long-distance girlfriend.
>-=-He's not into make up, hair, dresses, high heels...
>Why is that?-=-
>Do you think it's because his mother didn't buy him enough toy high heels and

Actually, mostly it's because he's been through that phase already. He had
my high heels to stomp around in and wore nail polish quite a lot but liked
capes more than dresses.

Maybe dear Leonore, you should read a little more before being quite so
sure of yourself.
No offense, but you've really stuck your foot in it something fierce.