I've been a way for a while, and thought I'd share a piece of our

Today is my day off, and my brother spent the night last night so
Jaiden(5)and Avery(2) woke up to their favorite uncle sleeping with
them. They came out to the livingroom where I was still sleeping,
Jason having left for school many hours before the rest of us wake
up. They climbed up on the couch and rubbed my back and sang songs to
me till a woke up. Jaiden then went into the kitchen a poured me a
cup of coffee(his new fave thing to do)and Avery found the remote so
he could turn on the t.v. We watched the end of Yuh-Gi-Oh and went in
to the kitchen to get breakfast, kids decided on Life and I went with
oatmeal. We were cuddled up on the couch, trying to be quiet, when
Jesse(my brother) came out and asked the boys if they wanted to play
on the PS2 with him, he had set up his in our 'puter room last night
so he could play Final Fantasy #something or other, with them. They
all like Blitz Ball. So They played for a while while I checked my
email. After about 45 min and a bag of easter candy later they all
decided they needed FOOD so I was drafted to make omlets while they
checked out what was on the National Geographic channel tonight,
Jaiden was hoping for something on mummies or the dark side of the
moon and Avery wanted snakes. After we ate, again Jesse took the boys
out so I could do a little unpacking, I spent most of my time online

When they came back Jesse had to take off for work and the kids
decided to watch Tom and Jerry, not my fave show, so I went in and
unpacked a few of their boxes and listened to them giggling. They
came in to their room to see what treasures had been unearthed and
were very excited to see all their army men and dino's after a 5
month confinment in boxes and various storage garages. They are now
playing in the back yard, with a combo of army men, dinos, farm
animals, mud, shovels, bubbles and rocks enjoying a beautiful spring
day. I'm inside, listening to them run, laugh, and play.

I'm so glad that we chose this path, that they get to be outside on
this beautiful day, digging in the dirt, smelling the air, feeling
the sun, playing, playing, playing. Instead of being inside a
classroom (or stuck at the kitchen table) looking longingly out the
window wishing they could be outside.

I'm sooooo glad that I'm home today and WITH them instead of waiting
for them to get home from school.

It's a beautiful day, and I just wanted to share it.




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> I'm sooooo glad that I'm home today and WITH them instead of
> for them to get home from school.
> It's a beautiful day, and I just wanted to share it.
> :)
> ~Rebecca

Thanks for sharing your day. I like hearing about days that are laid
back and relaxed. Sometimes when i read about unschooling days in
which kids are doing "amazing" things (like making maps of medieval
towns and creating new solar systems out of toilet paper and string
and carving a canoe from scratch;o) ) I feel like "hmmm, maybe we
aren't unschooly enough"...and that maybe we should be doing "more".

Today was awesome here in Michigan too. Just last week it was
freezing, but it was in the 70s today. We just hung out mostly. I,
too, felt so happy that my son wasnt cooped up in a classroom, and
that we got to be together.