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We've been having an "it works!" week around here it seems. My 3 1/2 yr old
son is currently building a huge castle with mega blocks in the living room.
In the last few weeks he's gotten some books from the library and off ebay
about castles and medieval times. Last weekend he even got grandma to sew him an
awesome knight costume with his help of course!
Yesterday, he was removing the cushions off the couch to build yes, a castle
out of them when he says "Mom, there are 3 cushions on the couch, when I take
1 off, then there are only 2 left!"
Then he wanted to make & play with index cards an alphabet and shapes
matching game. Then we found when cleaning up the scrapbook supplies, a paint with
water castle & pirate book in my cupboard of old teaching supplies (former
career of mine). Then he practiced writing his name and a few other letters on
his "work papers" for daddy and used rubber stamps to make gift bags to put
them in.
Right now he's taking a break from building the castle to sort the megablocks
people into piles of police men, airport guys, and sorting the blocks by size
and color!
And people think that children's play is "just play".
Anyways, just wanted to share. I've been trying to remember what sort of fun
"learning activities" go on around here during the day to tell my husband
about when he gets home. Still working on convincing him about this, you see.
Think I'll go play on the old but new (to us) BLUE piano that we just
purchased to have fun with!

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