Anita Bower

Dear Unschoolers:

I am asking for ideas for fun activities to do with my 15 year old son.

Some things we already enjoy together: listening to humorous books-on-tape
(I would love titles of funny books, especially with a political twist),
watching movies, playing Monopoly and Risk, talking, occassional outings.

Ross is sort of an indoor/computer/Magic the Gathering or drive any fast
motorized vehicle type of guy. I am a gardener, fiber and textile crafter,
hiker. How can parents produce children who have such different interest!?

Anita Bower


Hey, have you ever tried biking? My 2 boys, ages 19 years(on Monday) and 11
years, and I enjoy it. I am not the bicyclist that thay are, but we do have
fun. We bike on the c and o canal where it is relatively flat for me and we
can go off of it to explore along the way. Sometimes we even camp over night
and take bike trips: bike and camp for several days.