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Two of my 3 kids showed me that the library has alot more than books. I have skipped going all together for months because the fun vs. work factor was off balance. Meaning I spent way more time monitoring, putting books back, and finding my 2.5 than I did exploring the books and other resources. I often left my 5 yr old with a friend in the library while I went to the park with my 2.5. Or took the 5 yr old alone at night when dad was around. Other things which helped besides avoiding situations was bringing items which truly engaged my run-around kid. Food for Tessa works wonders. She will sit and munch alot. Riley had various soft balls and cars which could keep him content for a stretch. I also used the baby backpack to simply contain the run-away when I wanted to stay focused or the sling. Nursing also seemed to help them stay put when I was tired of playing or running around. I still am living this life, though my youngest is four. She loves the game of ditch mom when mom is talking to an adult. Happened yesterday when I was getting directions to a wool processing plant. I look over, Tessa's gone. She hides next to the secretaries desk lately looking for candy handouts.

I have found as Pam did that staying with them is the suriest way to keep them safe. I still find is amazing that parents can sit and chat at a gathering.

Mary H.