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I just wanted to share that I too have a very spirited son. I posted about
him recently, but wanted to let you know that as he's getting older, things are
changing for the better. It was very tough for a while, we stopped going to
the library unless he was in the double stroller with the baby (he was 2 1/2
then, she was an infant). Now at 3 1/2 he's come a long way.
We had such a great day yesterday and I'll tell you about it! We went to an
indoor skate rink that has "wee tot" days, they let the kids bring ride on
toys and have the rink. They also have a HUGE indoor climber (like what they
usually have at chuck-e-cheese). He played in there for 2 1/2 hours before his
sister and I were too exhausted to stay any longer. I didn't have to stop him
at all from pushing anyone down, climbing anything he shouldn't, throwing
balls at anyone, etc. He did such a good job, it was nice to be able to watch
from outside the ballpit, and not have to dive in to stop him from doing
something he shouldn't!
Anyways, it was the first time that I've actually gotten to enjoy watching
him have fun at a place like that. We usually have to leave when he gets out of
control. So,l just wanted to let you know, that it does get better. He fit
right in with the kids a bit older than himself, and they ran around, chasing
each other and having a blast! Well, he did throw himself down the fire-man
pole, but he'd never done one of those before, and no one got hurt.
So, for now I would try to avoid places that don't work for or overstimulate
your daughter, and find fun things to do at home that use up energy, at least
it will be spring soon (I'm in the Northeast.).

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