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I'm sending this along not because it sounds like unschooling, but it sounds
like something some of you might be interested in for one reason or another.
Some new homeschoolers haven't been around unschooling input of many kinds,
and this could be interesting for them. MAYBE just maybe there are
unschoolers there too. Maybe some of them would like to know unschooling's out here.

Dear Home School Group,

I would like to invite your group members to a weekly home schooling open
house held in a Talking Communities voice web conferencing room. Participants
from around the world will be able to share web projects, curriculum, ideas,
experiences and home schooling products. The conferences will be a family
oriented, moderated environment.

Please join us every Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.
To enter go to http://events.talkingcommunities.com

Future possibilities for conferences may include actual training sessions,
vendor demonstrations or rooms for home school children to interact with each
other. I will look for recommendations and suggestions from the participants at
our meetings.

I am frequently on-line and available to answer any questions that you may
have. Please don't hesitate to contact me by email or in person.

Best Wishes,
Bob Zwick
Talking Communities
My Private Voice Conference Room
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