I've waited the requested 2 weeks, so here is my intro:

I had sent my daughter to various preschool programs and to
Kindergarden before I decided to homeschool her. We sort of
"fell into" unschooling, but I didn't have much info about it and
was kind of lost and lonely. After doing it for one year, I
(mistakenly) put her back into school where she is right now.
She has asked to be homeschooled again, but wants to finish
the year, so we are going to homeschool her starting in May. I
am very excited about it and after some extensive research, have
decided to unschool again. This time I have read Holt and Gatto
and hooked up with you guys and other groups on line. I am
hoping for better success this time and am commited to this
long term! I also have a 4 year old who is in preschool and I will
be pulling him out as well. One of the reasons I put my dd back
in school is that I decided to return to College for my BA, but I
have found the classes less than satisfactory because we
frantically write notes only to memorize and regurgetate the info
on the tests. I have decided to look into a correspondence
program to become a naturopath, but I am nervous whether this
will conflict with my ability to be available to my kids when they
need me.
Any comments or advice is welcome (be gentle though please!)
Great to be here!
Denise Thomas