Suzan Reed

Roberta's intro,
There is a great group for parents who homeschool & have AS kids. Yahoo
ASLearning at home. ASLearningAtHome@... . They are very useful for
AS related stuff.
Suzan with a Z, wife to beloved husband Steve & happy mommy to my blessings;
"sweet girl" Cassia '94, "beany boy" Benjamin '97, "totkins" Aaron 2K.

Terri Reiser

when I read about Asperger's I have to state again that testing for Lyme
disease is very important. It is one of the misdiagnosed conditions that is
attributed to Lyme. for info and correct testing for Lyme.
for me this is a matter of morality, to offer this information.
MS, Lupus, Autism, ALS, Alzheimer's, CFS, ADD, BiPolar, panic and
agoraphobia, arthritis, early onset Parkinson's. all highly suspect for
borrelia infection.