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It just struck me that successful breastfeeding seems like it might be
a good predictor of later success with education choices that are more
individual and family-oriented than plain old "school."

Has there been any investigation of this idea, research findings
published or even thought given to it, that anyone here knows of?

I don't mean to suggest one won't be able to unschool without having

What I mean is only that if there's a real correlation, knowing about
it could be a great way to find and support more people in unschooling. We
could make ourselves visible, helpful and accessible for moms who, by their
successful breastfeeding, establish themselves early on as likely to be well-suited
to unschooling.

I'm not thinking of a recruitment drive <g> -- but for parents and
children likely to appreciate unschooling anyway, eventually, wouldn't it be
wonderful if we could help acquaint them with it more seamlessly, without all the
stumbling around and possibly wasted opportunities some of us endured first,
or the dulling and damage of school experiences that are less likely to be
right for them than for the "average" family.

I'm just throwing it out for thought. If there really is a
correlation, it would seem to make sense, as positive outreach.


danielle.conger@... writes:

> This has been a *great* bunch of women, and it turns out that 2 of the 4 LL
> leaders unschool as well. I'd be completely lost without these two
> overlapping groups. It's amazing how much I still get out of LL meetings even though
> I'm no longer nursing. The attachment parenting part of it just goes way
> beyond nursing, and I've found that unschooling is so much a continuation of that
> philosophy in our lives. I'm hoping to become a leader, too, this year.

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