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<< I used to love to read the dictionary when I was younger. I wouldn't
it straight through, though. I would just pop it open and read a page here
and there. I still do it every once in awhile if I see the dictionary out.

It's strange to see a word you have never heard. >>

Me too. Sometimes I have a hard time JUST looking something up in a
dictionary or encyclopedia (or now on Google) because I get distracted by something on
the side, and then I look something else up because of that, or just start
reading along and I forget why I went in there. <g>

I LOVE dictionaries with charts and colored pictures. When I was a kid we
had a two-volume dictionary (as lots of people did in those days) and I just
about memorized every color plate. Birds of North America. Amphibians. Holly
bought a baby-names book the other day and I told her that when I was a kid I
used to read the baby-names section of our big dictionary (same dictionary,
several pages of boys' names and girls').

I have the American Heritage Encyclopedic Dictionary. The sad thing is they
took the etymologies out to put in color illustrations. But the happy thing
is I have the one with eymologies right next to it.