I searched Yahoo! Groups for attachment parenting lists and came up
with many, many hits -- I just thought I'd ask if anyone can
recommend one in particular? I never researched AP specifically (I
have books requested at the library now) and so I've followed some of
the tenets and not others, just kind of stumbling around. (My usual
ever-so-charming way.) I have lots of dumb questions, like about
babywearing and an aching back, family bed and small kicking feet,

Is there a list out there for me? (I promise I'll read the archives
first. <g>) Thanks.


Lisa H

Amy wrote: <<like about babywearing and an aching back, family bed and small kicking feet, etc.>>

As for the back. If you are using a sling, make sure the sling is spread wide across your back for the best support. I never felt comfortable in any other type of carrier. I have mid-back problems due to large breasts and for both my dd's had to stop carrying all the time when they reached about 17lbs regardless of their age, while I have friends who continued to use the sling through the fourth year with their kids. What i did when a child wanted to be picked up is to stop what i was doing, sit down and hold them. I couldn't continue to carry the children and their need was to be held. So i held them. Once the need was fulfilled, they would move on and i could get back to whatever, cooking, etc.

As for the bed, we have two queen sized beds next to each other. Wall to wall bed. This helps with restless sleepers. And the movement tended to reduce as the kids got older.

Lisa H.

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