Elizabeth Roberts

Well..don't you just love the military?! We'll have orders by the end of the day...we're looking at most likely somewhere in Michigan.

At our last move, Sarah was turning 5; Logan was a year old, and Megan was not yet born.

Any helpful ideas to help them all deal with the move?! I was thinking that I'd throw Sarah a surprise "We'll Miss You!" party with her friends....have them do up an address book with their names and addresses, give Sarah a nice stationary set, take pictures for an album...There is also a badge she can earn through Girl Scouts that has lots of activities to do learning about where we're going, etc. that might help her as well....

Not at all sure what to do for Logan or Megan; I don't think it'll be a big deal to Gracie.

Megan I'm especially worried about because she doesn't take to change easily. I can see her getting upset when the movers come..I may need to just take the kids to Dazie's Place that day (an indoor all day play place) or something while they're packing us up...To a large degree I think she'll be ok as long as she is with us, but I'm not sure how she'll react to a new house...


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I am a homeschooler in Mi. If you come here you are coming to the BEST
state to homeschool. We have some great groups. I am in sw lower Mi.(Battle
Creek), if I can be of any help to you Please let me know.

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