Krisula Moyer

Katherine said:

>>Christians believe that Jesus came to
earth for the very purpose to die for our sins. He was the
"sacrificial lamb", accepted this role, and did not try to flee or to
defend himself. Mel Gibson has stated that this is the reason it is
HIS hand that was filmed pounding the first nail into Jesus' palm,
because he feels HE is as much to "blame" for the death as anyone.<<

There's a Christian radio station here handing out buttons that say "I'm
responsible" as a way of explaining the culpability of all human kind that
is central to Christian doctrine.

As for teens seeing it, like so many things, it depends entirely on the
individual and how sensitive a person s/he is. A bunch of devout teens I
know are going as a group and plan to go somewhere afterward to talk about
it. Some of the kids in the group won't go. Someone without a background
in Bible may have lots of questions after seeing this very intense snapshot
of the most painful moment in the Christian story. Without context it will
just seem like a gore-fest. To me, it is an expression of the most Holy and
loving God who became flesh to take the sins of the world on His own
shoulders in order to reconcile us to Him. For the Christian, it truly is a
love story.

There's more to say, but alas it has little to do with unschooling so I'll
leave it at that.