~~~ Kimberly ~~~

Merry Meet,

I have been reading a great deal from this list over the past week or so. I
have thoughts that might be of some help and I think they go along with what
a few others have said.

I wanted to see the movie so many are loving and hating because I wanted to
understand a little more about the bible, about the times that are writen
about. I have a hunger for learning. Over the past week though I have
desided that for now it has no place in my life, or my childs.

Everything we read and watch influence us and change us, even if we do not
want them to or think they do. Do I need to see all the blood, the pain, the
hate? No. I am having a hard enough time in my own life with my health.
Someday, I may feel ready to see this movie but for now I do not need it's
influence in my life, in my mind. My child is just that, a child, and I
believe that it is my job to put happy growth into her life for her to grow
from and form a stable base on. She has enough things to deal with. I want
her to see the positive sides of faith for as long as possible. I am not
going to lie to her, as I do not lie to myself, bad things happen. But I
choose what effects my life and I do not need all that negativity in it
right now.

As for Religon, it has killed more people in the world then anything else I
can think of. Not even going to think about what ones have done more harm
then others. I just pray that one of these days people will be happy enough
in their own faith that they will stop forcing it on others. All of us here
unschool, it is a way of life, what we believe in doing, how would we feal
if someone tried to take it from us? I am proud to be an american, and an
Army wife, because we can stand up for our freedoms to believe and live and
love as we chose as long as we cause no harm. My husband and I are willing
to fight and gives our lives for freedom. Freedom of religion is one them,
and so I am free to not see that movie, and I am happy about it! Someday I
am sure I will see it. For now, I have enough to think about and feel.

Just my thoughts.

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