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<< Yet people choose to support the part where it says that homosexuality is

abomination and to read into it that you should prevent others from marrying

who they choose whether they are Christian or not.

<<People latch on to what they want to support their hatred and to live as

they please. >>

I've told my kids that no religion follows EVERY rule in the Bible (or Koran,
or the teaching of Buddha, or the Book of Mormon) which is why there come to
be sects and denominations and independent congregations. They differ in
their emphases, priorities and interpretations. I grew up learning why Baptists
have chosen to ignore big chunks of the Bible because there's a new covenant
now, yet plucking chosen bits and pieces out of "the old covenant" when it suits
their purposes to do so. Same with every splinter group. And the "main
groups": LDS, Roman Catholic Church, whichever monasteries are oldest--have all
augmented their basic beliefs with later revelations and executive decisions and
interpretations and traditions.

It's the way it works with people.

So arguing dogma in relationship to a movie is like arguing whether a piece
of art is appropriate for one church or another. Each small group will decide.
Clean empty cross is what the Baptists have. Bloody messy cross, Catholics.
Others might have a drape or a heart or a pattern but they decide what fits
their iconography.

Mel Gibson had enough money to make a piece of art. It's not Catholic art,
it's Mel Gibson art. Take it or leave it.

So the question was about sending kids, and I think the decision's been made,

Anyone know of any great websites where this moviehanks to those who turned
it back toward unschooling!)