pam sorooshian

Quo Vadis is a week-long gathering for people interested in creating
strong, supportive community for adult unschoolers and self-educators.
We work to empower those dedicated to lifelong learning by facilitating
an event that cultivates, sustains, and unites individual
self-educators and their allies.

Quo Vadis strives to provide younger adults with practical help and
support; self-educators in general with an opportunity to meet,
network, and share; and anyone interested, a positive example of
self-education and cooperation in action - a place where people can
dream big, work hard, and learn much.

The first week of Quo Vadis was in the late spring of 2001. Forty-two
autodidacts gathered in the mountains of Oregon for a week of playing
in the sun, brainstorming, sharing knowledge and ideas, and envisioning
the future of self-education. Now, with two years under our belts, we
are diving into the third annual Quo Vadis. This year's gathering takes
place June 20th through June 26th at Camp Lane, just outside of Eugene,

If you are a self-educator, autodidact, unschooler, homeschooler, life
long learner, or an average everyday Joe who thinks this all sounds
fascinating, we would love to get an application from you! Call
yourself what you like, but come to Quo Vadis to discuss, practice and
experience education with others who see it as a lifelong process
larger than schooling. We are an adult gathering, but we don't turn
anyone away on the basis of age alone.

You can find out more about Quo Vadis on our web site, or by emailing our office:
info@.... The price is only $175 if you apply by
April 10th, so check it out soon!