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I think criticise my child, now a pre-schooler, too much. When he
shows me a puzzle he did and a piece is wrong for instance, I tell
him. But I have been noticing he feels discouraged of trying things
by himself and always asks me for feedback.

Maybe he asks because you ask.

If you learn to comfort yourself instead of asking for outside approval, it
might help both you AND him.

If he asks for feedback, maybe he really wants conversation. There's a

You have more choices than just saying "wonderful" or "problems." You could
say "that looks fun!" or "I remember liking to do those when I was little" or
"Do you want to work it again and let me help too?"

If you spend more time with him it might help. Talk with him along the way,
and have fun while something's happening (process focus instead of just
product focus), and whether it was wrong or right, good or bad, won't even matter.

Here's something that might help:

That's about playing together, talking together while doing something else.

This one's about balance:



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