I've been reading and listening but not posting because unschooling
is a new concept for me. Just through reading posts I've already
found that my ideas about learning and parenting are radically
changing (for the better!)

But I have a few personal concerns that I hope you more experienced
moms could help me work through.

I have 3 children; 10 year old girl, 7 year old boy and a 3 year old
boy. It is the 7 year old who has led me to unschooling. He is
very interested in the world, especially science, animals, math,
etc... and though he is just beginning to read simple books, he
pours over and absorbes any subject he is interested in. (bats,
sharks, deep sea creatures, multiplication, anything science, legos,
etc...) He is definately a self-starter, independent thinker and
very verbal and social. He specifically asked to homeschool because
he found Kindergarten tiresome and saw that he could have the chance
to learn what he wanted to know if he stayed home and I could help
guide him. Now he has led me into this new world...

His sister is the reason I started homeschooling. She was
identified with a developmental delay at 3 yrs., and found the
classroom too stimulating and the level of inquiry and time needed
for her to learn too shallow. (But in many areas she is clearly
brilliant) She has progressed greatly due to the 1:1 instruction
between herself and I for the last yr and 1/2. Now she understands
so much more and is poised and self assured, is a terrific reader
and has just blossomed into a gem of a girl with the extra attention
and explainations.

I've read some unschooling posts for kids who had been or who would
be "labeled" as having special needs / gifted if they were in the
public school system. There doesn't seem to be many parents who
unschool children like my daughter. At this time, I'm aware of
where she is developmentally, academically, socially in relation to
her peers (and she is now at a "typical level" -- meaning that she
has come a long way. **Remember, she was in public school -- it
was for many years my job to know this info. and to help her in
her 'uneven' areas --Which I have done better than the
professionals at public school).

So now we are entering 'unschooling' territory. My daughter who is
an exceptional artist and more introverted (mainly due to not
fulling undertanding situations or social cues) but not shy, sees
life in a more limiting way than my son does. I'm through
with "pushing" her to do things -- it doesn't make sense anymore,
she is almost a teenager and it is disrespectful. But I also know
that in the past she DID have great gaping holes in core knowledge
and awareness.

How does unschooling work for a child like my daughter? How do I
open her up to new experiences or new ways of thinking when this is
not generally part of her makeup?

This past month we've been unschooling because both of my children
have already met their state goals. Within this month, we've
explored areas my son is interested in and I'm finding this approach
works better learning-wise rather than pages and pages of pre-
scheduled cirriculum. Children do learn a great deal when they are
the guides!

Also, since she has been labeled with a developmental disability,
she is in the 'system,' so having state and/or school officials
visit is and could be a reality. Since she has exceeded others'
expectations, I doubt if I would have a problem down the road... but
I worry.

Reassurance and advise would be appreciated.