Elizabeth Roberts

Right now Logan is sitting on the couch next to Gracie holding her bottle for her. She's almost asleep, cuddled right up against him. Sarah made my bed for me this morning, and helped me clean in the kitchen before breakfast. Right now she's working on addressing her Valentine's cards for her friends. Logan had helped at breakfast too, walking around with the trash can looking for trash. Megan also helped throw things away although not necessarily trash LOL!!

Everyone was cheerful, and happy to help. Logan set the table for breakfast, Sarah helped cook. Gracie and Megan played... all day today so far really has just been a great day. I've had time to sit and practice my flute. The kids came in and out of the room, and I'd stop and let them blow on it a moment, then they'd wander away. Logan came in with his drum, and Sarah her guitar (what's left of it LOL) and they "played" with me.

The Kipper DVD ended and Logan didn't have a cow begging for his turn to watch something of his choice...he just calmly asked if he could please watch Hot Wheels now. And I remembered that he likes to hear the opening song for awhile before starting the movie, so I said just tell me when you're ready to watch the movie.

wow...this is great! Sarah's asking for me to read her a chapter of her history workbook that she'd wanted to buy so we're going to go do that...


I am sitting here thinking what a wonderful morning we have had.

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