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Pam is the math expert. I'm the one with the Saxon soul-sucking story.

ummhjm@... writes:

> i'd always be willing to hear! i feel there are only a few uncompromising
> absolutes in my life, and sticking to a curriculum indefinitely definitely
> isn't one of them! plus, i try to live believing that there's always some
> benefit to everything, even if it's "only" to help me avoid reinventing the wheel
> by gaining from other's wisdom and experiences, so . . . got more expert
> input?
> jrossedd@... wrote: Oh dear. Maybe this is something you'd be
> willing to hear a little
> "expert" input on, before you go too much further? (Your oldest is 6 -- if
> you're lucky, even with Saxon around, she still likes numbers and thinks
> they are
> fun!)
> If not, let me at least describe in depressing detail how
> soul-sucking
> I personally saw a Saxon pre-algebra text be last year, to a lovely and
> hardworking, conservatively schooled young lady who sought my help during a
> sleepover here. JJ
> ummhjm@... writes:
> > (by the way, for what it's worth and for the times i do use them, i love
> > the saxon approach and they work quite effectively for my children, so
> saxon is
> > not a concern in my case.)
> >

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