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Farenheit 451 was about government control. That was what i got out of it.
The government took control of what the TV was saying and turned it into
moronic stuff, so no one could think for themselves. And books were outlawed.
Freedom was removed. And the "people allowed it." Except for the few. (which I
would hope to be)


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> And they always do. So Fahrenheit’s not about censorship; it's about
> the moronic influence of popular culture through local tv news, the
> proliferation of giant screens, and the bombardment of factoids. All
> the popular programs on tv--the competition programs--they don’t give
> you anything but factoids. They tell you when Napoleon was born, but
> not who he was. So it doesn’t matter about the dates, you shouldn’t
> memorize dates, to hell with it. So we've moved into this period of
> history that I described in Fahrenheit 50 years ago."

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